Airfreight Alliance Guangzhou branch established in 2005, based itself on distinctive international airfreight and sea-freight door to door service, and it is also committed professional logistics services, including international Airfreight, Seafreight, Warehousing, Customs Declaration, Quarantine, Packaging, Distribution and etc services.

Airfreight Alliance Singapore being the headquarter and with its international logistics hub experience advantage leads the Guangzhou branch to grow rapidly within a few years.

In order to be in line with international standards faster and better, the International AIRFREIGHT ALLIANCE sets up a modern logistics business collaboration platform to make information from the logistics and supply chain shared without distance. Besides, the company has always been in the forefront of the industry on services of customs clearance and delivery at the port of destination. Along with the development of world economic integration process, the International AIRFREIGHT ALLIANCE promotes its clients to success at full speed, with the perfect service system, the innovative service concept and the international service network.

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